VÍTKOVICKÁ DOPRAVA a.s. continues in the rich history of Vítkovice Railways established in the second half of the 19th century.

In modern history (2002) parent company VÍTKOVICE a.s. set off VÍTKOVICE DOPRAVA a.s. as an independent subsidiary, which has been acquired by CE Industries in 2018 and now continues to provide the full scope of services as a successor company called VÍTKOVICKÁ DOPRAVA a.s.

VÍTKOVICKÁ DOPRAVA a.s. provides and develops services in rail transportation, freight forwarding, road transport, and maintenance and servicing of rail vehicles.

The company has its own fleet of 20 locomotives and 400 freight wagons. In addition, the company operates a fleet of 150 passenger cars (mostly CNG powered), including car rental.

icon 1856 founded
icon 180 employees
icon 177 plan of revenues 2020 (in CZK million)

Main activities

• Wailway transport service nationwide in the Czech Republic, forwarding transport throughout Europe
• Maintenance system of railfreight cars, repairs of locomotives
• short-term / long-term deposition of railway wagons
• short-term and long-term car rentals