SPV RECYCLING CZ a.s. is the successor organization of VÍTKOVICE RECYCLING a.s., which was established in 2006.

The company offers waste disposal and recycling services, e.g. from the automotive industry.

Thanks to modern technology, the company is able to process even less valuable metal waste in strict compliance with environmental principles. The resulting product is a raw material for further processing in steel mills of engineering companies and in metallurgical companies.

We ease the environment and people – in 2018 SPV RECYCLING CZ recycled more than 20,000 tons of waste from car wrecks.

icon 2006 founded
icon 25 employees
icon 791 plan of revenues 2020 (in CZK million)

Main activities

• Purchase and ecological disposal of car wrecks
• Purchase of secondary raw materials and catalysts
• Purchase and processing of metal-bearing waste
• Disassembly and disposal of technological units
• Corporate waste processing
• Collection, purchase and processing of electrical waste