CHEMCOMEX is a Czech supplies-engineering company specialized in executing projects in the area of power industry and general industry. It has been providing services since 1990 and is an important partner for many energy and industrial companies.

The offer of products covers the whole life-cycle from the preparation stage, designing and engineering services, deliveries, work execution, commissioning, service and maintenance, up to decommissioning, disassembly, and disposal of technology.

Welding performances for the last five years: Installation of piping systems 45 000 weld (DN6 to DN1200). Welding of 14,000 pieces for anchoring plates to the concrete walls (i.e. more than 65 000 welds).

icon 1990 founded
icon 170 employees
icon 750 plan of revenues 2020 (in CZK million)

Main sectors of supplies

• Design, development, computation and project documentation of all stages
• Supply and installation of piping systems
• Complex and all-trade deliveries of technological units, including turnkey deliveries
• Special steel structures, air and smoke ducts
• Comprehensive solutions for thermal management
• Decarbonization - source conversion, filtration, low-carbon sources