Company ZBERNÉ SUROVINY ŽLINA is engaged in the collection, processing and evaluation of secondary raw materials. We do business in the field of securing the purchase, transport and processing and sorting of recyclable raw materials and their sales in Slovakia and abroad. Our services in the whole of Slovakia can be used in the form of individual purchase of secondary raw materials, all from natural persons to legal entities, which, in addition to individual purchase, we can provide a comprehensive waste treatment service tailor-made to the customer’s needs.

Our long-standing tradition and unique know-how in the field of purchase, transportation, sorting, processing and recovery of recyclable raw materials is our success.

ZBERNÉ SUROVINY ŽILINA annually processes 90,000 tons of paper, 240,000 tons of steel scrap, 7,000 tons of non-ferrous metals, 7,000 tons of glass, and 2,000 tons of plastics.

icon 1948 founded
icon 310 employees
icon 949 plan of revenues 2020 (in CZK million)

Main activities

• Processing of recyclable waste - Paper, Plastics, Metals, Non-ferrous metals, Glass, Accumulators
• Complete disposal of technological equipment, machines, conveyors, steel structures, wagons, etc.
• Complex waste management solution for companies with the setting and optimization of waste flows to reduce disposal costs
• Container rental and logistics
• Consultancy in the field of environmental and waste disposal